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ATTENTION! This class is sixty (60) hours online and sixteen (16) hours in-classroom, as required by the state of New Jersey. Students are required to do their final 16-hours at our designated testing sites.

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What are the benefits of online CHHA classes?
Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) online classes are convenient for prospective students. The benefits of taking online Home Health Aide classes include the flexibility of the schedule. A student can train at the comfort of their home and at their pace too. The requirements are minimal which includes the 60-hour online course work and 16-hour clinical site practice. Access to the internet and a computer are the main requirements. Libraries have free access to the internet and computers.

Can out-of-state students take the online class?
New Jersey Home Health Aide licenses are attainable by out-of-state students. Home Health Aide trainees are required to travel to the testing site a minimum number of days by the end of the course. Once the course work is completed at the comfort of a student’s home, the home health aide examination is required to be taken at our approved testing facilities.

The Home Health Aide certification attained online is valid. Upon receiving a license from the New Jersey Board of Nursing, Home Health Aides are eligible for employment in the state of New Jersey.

Are there differences between in-classroom and online training?
There are no significant differences in curriculum between in-classroom training or online classes. A 76-hour training regimen and an examination at the end of the course is required in both instances. However, the main difference is how the courses are taken. In classroom training, requires a student to be in the class for the duration of the 76-hours with the guidance of an instructor whereas online classes are independent of the classroom. The online class requires students to be in the classroom for 16-hours after completing the online portion of 60-hours.

Are CHHA certifications valid online?
The online Home Health Aide course is approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. The process of attaining the Home Health Aide license in-the-classroom and online are the same. The 76-hour program requires to be completed to be Certified as a Home Health in the state of New Jersey.

When are online classes available?
Classes are available Bi-weekly or monthly. For additional information on class dates, contact the admissions team for specific dates and timelines.

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High School Diploma or GED

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