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Expired CHHA License? We can help. Reinstate your NJ CHHA License today!

Certified Home Health Aides are among the highest demand medical professionals.

Did you let your Certified Home Health Aide license expire?
A reinstatement is for any Certified Home Health Aide with an expired New Jersey Certified Home Health Aide license that has been expired less than five years from the present day. The reinstatement consists of a skill evaluation that will be given by an approved Registered Nurse. These are the common questions about Certified Home Health Aide reinstatements. If you have further questions please call us today at 609-380-2256.

How can I get my certified home health aide license reinstated?
The process depends on the amount of time your license has been expired. If your license has been expired for more than five years, you must complete the Certified Home Health Aide training again. However, if your license has been expired for less than five years, a skills evaluation will be conducted with a registered nurse. The skills evaluations typically last for one (1) hour. Additionally, reinstatement dates may vary and are flexible.

What happens after the reinstatement skills evaluation?
Upon the skills evaluation completion, students will receive a New Jersey Certified Home Health Aide application (see below.) The admissions department will issue a promise of employment with our home care agency iCare Home Health Care Agency. Students will be instructed to complete a Certified Home Health Aide reinstatement application to initiate the students’ licensing process.

Upon receiving the documents required, along with the licensing fee, the New Jersey Board of Nursing may take up to four (4) weeks to conduct a criminal background check from the fingerprints obtained during the initial licensing process. Once the New Jersey Certified Home Health Aide license is received, the New Jersey Board of Nursing will require that the licensee work for an approved home care agency sometime within the licensed period of two years. Furthermore, completion of 12 in-service hours usually provided by the employer. Lastly, the renewal of the New Jersey Certified Home Health aide license once every two years.

Usually, the instructions for renewal will be mailed to the student two months prior to renewal.

How much does it cost?
The total cost, including notarization of the application, evaluator, and employment opportunities with the agency, is $200. You may register for the Certified Home Health Aide reinstatement process at any time. Admissions will provide you with dates of when your skills evaluation will be.

What is the benefit of reinstating your certified home health aide license?
The benefit of reinstating your Certified Home Health Aide license is that you will be able to work as a Certified Home Health Aide in the state of New Jersey. Our Home Health Agency may help our graduates find employment opportunities quickly and efficiently.

You can begin the process by filling out a New Jersey Board of Nursing Reinstatement application. For additional questions on how to proceed, please contact our admissions department at 600-380-2256 or email us at info@icarenursingservices.com.

Attach application: https://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/hhh/Applications/Application-for-Reinstatement-of-a-New-Jersey-Homemaker-Home-Health-Aide-Certificate.pdf

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