Keep Your Loved Ones Safe at Home

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe at Home

Home is one of the safest places for your elderly loved ones to stay. However, there may be potential dangers around their home that could lead to accidents or falls. As your resident private pay senior care in Southern New Jersey, we give you the following tips on how to keep your loved ones safe in the different areas of their home, including:

  • Rooms, Hallways, and Stairs
    • Make sure to keep a fire extinguisher on every floor of the house in case of fires.
    • Remove slippery rugs and keep extension cords out of the way to prevent your loved ones from tripping and falling.
    • Install handrails and proper lighting at the stairs.
  • Bathroom
    • Place non-slip mats on the bathroom floor, including the bathtub or shower area.
    • Install locks on the door that can be opened on both sides.
    • Hire a home health aide from a provider of home care services in Galloway, Atlantic County NJ to assist your elderly when bathing.
  • Kitchen
    • Regularly check their food for expiration dates and stock their refrigerators with healthy food.
    • Keep the kitchen floors free of clutter and wipe out any spills immediately.
    • Store sharp objects in hard-to-reach places to keep your loved ones from injuries.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help your loved ones stay safe in their homes. If you need assistance in providing care for them, we offer senior elderly home care in Galloway, New Jersey along with a variety of healthcare services to cater to the needs of your family member. For more details, please talk to one of our dedicated representatives at iCare Healthcare Services today!

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