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Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy in Winter

Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy in Winter

Winter can be a challenging season for anyone to stay in good health. For older adults, the higher risk of illness, colder temperatures, and isolation caused by the ongoing pandemic can impact their health. As a leading provider of private pay senior care in southern New Jersey, we will share tips to help seniors stay healthy in winter:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Through the assistance of senior elderly home care in Somers Point, New Jersey, seniors can maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. This includes consuming a healthy diet and engaging in indoor exercises to boost the immune system and ward off disease.

  • Socialize with loved ones.

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it can be a challenge for family members to visit their elderly loved ones at home. Our caregivers can help seniors navigate their phones or laptops to communicate with their families through video calls. They also offer companionship at home as part of our senior care program.

  • Take necessary safety precautions.

    The winter months also increase the risk of falls among older adults. To prevent this from happening, our home health aides provide mobility assistance, especially when walking outside. Other safety precautions include stocking up in case of power outages and regularly disinfecting commonly used items and surfaces at home.

  • Need a helping hand?
    We at iCare Home Healthcare Services offer quality home care services in Somers Point, Atlantic County New Jersey. From post-surgical care to rehabilitation therapies, our staff can assist your senior loved one in maintaining their health over the holidays. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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