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Tips for the Elderly in the Winter Season

Tips for the Elderly in the Winter Season

Winter may be the season for merrymaking but it is also the time of the year when the cold weather becomes a hazard to our loved ones’ health. At iCare Home Healthcare Services, we will give you tips on how to keep your senior loved ones safe and healthy during the winter season.

  1. Keep Warm

    During winter, the temperature can become extremely low; causing frostbite and hypothermia. That is why you should always remind your elderly loved ones to dress in layers whenever going outside. At home, you turn on your heater or light your fireplace to keep them warm. However, you should also make sure to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by making proper ventilation, getting a carbon monoxide detector or checking yours if you already own one.

  2. Prevent Winter Depression

    The cold weather can force anyone to stay indoors and that isolation can bring about feelings of loneliness; leading to depression. Prevent the risk of depression by letting your loved ones stay social and physically active. You can get a home health aide from a senior elderly home care agency in Galloway, New Jersey to provide personal care services in the comfort of your home.

  3. Eat Nutritious Meals

    Since winter is the season for holidays, we can help you make healthy and delicious recipes for your family and friends as you get together to celebrate. As a private senior care in southern New Jersey, we can help plan your senior loved ones’ meals so they can get the nutrition they need.

  4. CDC-Approved Tips on Staying Safe

    There are tips given by anyone and then there are CDC-approved ones. To protect yourself and your loved ones from public health emergency situations this winter season, make sure to follow these official, research-backed do’s:

    • Get inside, stay inside
    • Stay in touch
    • Sheltering with pets
    • Sealing a room
    • Staying put in your vehicle

Get a kit, make a plan, and be informed. Follow these tips so your loved ones can enjoy the winter season. Get more tips and know more about our Home Care Services in Somers Point NJ by calling us today!

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