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What to Do After Your Surgery: Tips for Recovery

What to Do After Your Surgery: Tips for Recovery

After your surgical procedure for your medical condition, the next thing you will have to think about is recovery. A skilled nursing provider can surely help you in post-surgery care. But you can do some important things yourself. Here are some of them:

  • Follow your physician’s orders.

    Your doctor knows a lot, almost everything about your health and your condition. So, be sure to follow their instructions when it comes to post-surgery care. If you have trouble with some directions, you can always ask your provider of private pay senior care in southern New Jersey.

  • Do what you can to prevent infections.

    Infections can make your situation worse. Always wash your hands first before touching your wounds. Use clean bandages to cover these wounds and change them regularly, too. Be sure to check your incisions for infections daily.

  • Eat and drink properly.

    Nutrition is integral in recovery. Eat healthy meals and take your medications. If your doctor prescribes pain medications, take them on schedule, too! A provider of home care services in Somers Point, Atlantic County New Jersey can help remind you about this.

  • Rest.

    Allow your body time to heal. A home care provider can assist you with your daily tasks while you recuperate.

Know that you are not alone at home. iCare Home Healthcare Services is ready to lend a helping hand not only after your surgery. If you or your aging loved ones are in need of senior elderly home care in Somers Point, New Jersey, call us!

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